So…Who and What is 1MINDSET? Part II…College Recruitment Consulting

Hopefully you have already read Part I of this segment so now we can move onto Part II,

College Recruitment Consulting, which is arguably the most important and unprecedented portion of the business.

The first question 1MINDSET gets from our former colleagues in college soccer, with regards to the recruitment consulting, is: “Are you guys going to be sending us the template email we receive now, and delete right away, from the so-called recruiting agencies that are out there now?” Our short answer: No, we are not going to be sending you any emails. And there is always the inquisitive reply of “Really?”. Yes, really. 1MINDSET’s college recruiment consulting is designed to educate and guide prospective student-athletes(PSAs) and their families through what we refer to as the daunting, highly stressful, college recruiting process. 1MINDSET is not another “me too” company. 1MINDSET is about forward thinking.

With the recruiting process starting very early these days, it is important that the PSA and their famili