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So…Who and What is 1MINDSET? Part II…College Recruitment Consulting

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Hopefully you have already read Part I of this segment so now we can move onto Part II,

College Recruitment Consulting, which is arguably the most important and unprecedented portion of the business.

The first question 1MINDSET gets from our former colleagues in college soccer, with regards to the recruitment consulting, is: “Are you guys going to be sending us the template email we receive now, and delete right away, from the so-called recruiting agencies that are out there now?” Our short answer: No, we are not going to be sending you any emails. And there is always the inquisitive reply of “Really?”. Yes, really. 1MINDSET’s college recruiment consulting is designed to educate and guide prospective student-athletes(PSAs) and their families through what we refer to as the daunting, highly stressful, college recruiting process. 1MINDSET is not another “me too” company. 1MINDSET is about forward thinking.

With the recruiting process starting very early these days, it is important that the PSA and their families understand what they are about to face over the next few years of high school, as well as their responsibilities in this process.

And who better to rely on then experienced professionals at 1MINDSET?

So, you may be asking, well how are you any different than the others as they “claim” to do the same thing?

Glad you asked. Here is what differentiates us from majority, if not all, of the other firms. Both my partner and I, were heavily recruited student athletes that ended up as Division I college soccer players at a top 20 program, Rutgers University, so we have gone through this trying process, with mounds of letters and phone calls (email and cell phones were not available yet). We, including our families, barely knew the rules so we were flying by the seat of our pants most of the time. It was overwhelming to say the least and it would have been advantageous to have someone like 1MINDSET back in those days. Of course there was no such thing and this is one of the reasons we felt creating this opportunity was imperative. Why not help take the stress and overwhelming nature out of it for the PSA and their respective families? 1MINDSET not only educates on the NCAA recruiting laws but also helps guide the PSA through each step of the process, similar to a college test prep course. Each PSA is different and 1MINDSET works with them to achieve their goal. 1MINDSET does not contact college coaches on a PSA’s behalf. We teach and educate the PSA so they can do it themselves. The PSA does all of the contacting. 1MINDSET guides the high school athlete as they look to present themselves in a favorable way to a college coach and program. We help walk them through the process every step of the way. Never making decisions for them but helping them ask themselves the right questions as a means to reach their goals and potential.

So the next question may be…the above seems awesome, as you have been through the process, but how do you know what those college coaches are looking for and expecting?

Great question! And it just so happens that after our careers ended at Rutgers University we went on to coach Division I, II and III programs, for a combined 12 years of experience (and we are in our early 30′s!). We have been the recruiter; scouting at all of the national and local recruiting events, sending emails to and receiving emails from PSAs, making and receiving calls to and from PSAs, and the list goes on and on as recruiting never stops for a college coach. We also have experience coaching club players who have gone through the process and now play in various programs around the country. Needless to say, we are extremely well versed on that side of the coin creating that needed competitive advantage in the market.

In conclusion, what we bring to the table is arguably unprecedented as we have experienced both sides of this process and will utilize those experiences to assist young athletes in realizing and achieving their dreams and aspirations in college athletics, regardless of the level, or division, they choose to participate in.

There you have it. Part I + Part II=1MINDSET LLC

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