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The psychological nature of a female athlete is undeniably different than that of their male counterpart. Our own experiences and endeavors as female athletes provide us with the ability to cater specifically to the female soccer player. We see a need for a training environment that pushes players to maximize their potential through the creation of both physical and psychological challenges, but also encompasses the necessary positive reinforcement and mentoring from those who have previously been in their shoes. For girls, by girls. We devise and work a plan for female players to reach their defined objective.


Training the 1MINDSET Way

1:1 Individual INstruction

1 on 1 soccer Trainng Instruction

We offer 1 off sessions, 6 Session Packages and 10 Session Packages. 

Small Group Soccer Training


2-6 PLAYERS Contact us to set up a weekly session. We offer them in 5-week packages. You can join a group or create your own. 

Summer Soccer Training 2023


​​Summer is a time to work on parts of your game away from your teams and develop physically to handle the transition moments the game requires.  


soccer camps and clinics
Throughout the year 1MINDSET sets up clinics on various topics.​ We conduct finishing clinics, defending principles, as well as conduct other special topic classroom sessions on leadership, mental training, and nutrition. These clinics are designed with the female player's needs in mind and are tailored to players' age and skill level.


For our high school-age atheltes, we combine our college preparation training with our Ultimate Prospect Program classroom sessions. We hold clinics for individuals and can organize personal clinics for your club or organization.


Intense physcial prep for the serious player that is looking to raise their game to another level. Experience preparing U.S Women's National team members and other NWSL professional players for competition. Extensive experience developing youth players of all ages and levels.


Step 1: Decide which training is best for you and your schedule. Create a small group of 2-6 players or choose 1 on 1 sessions. If you would like 1MINDSET to help you create or join another group please contact us.  

Step 2: Make selections in THE STORE and it will walk through the purchase process and ask for group player names and ages.  Each player will need to go through process separately by picking the number of players in their group to process payment.  

Steo 3: Once completed  you will receive an email from us. Dates and location will be agreed upon and the training begins. 


Our highly experienced professionals sit down with your team or club and put together a comprehensive player development plan that best suits you and your players. We offer 1 week team camps.  Real player development is our highest priority.

Contact us today to get your team prepared and trained by 1MINDSET staff.  We create and implement a unique team camp experience for your team. We work with both High School and Club teams of all ages. Finishing, Defending Principles, as well as conduct other special topic classroom sessions on leadership, mental training and nutrition. Our team camps are designed with the female player needs in mind and appropriate for a players of all levels. For our High School age players we incorporate our college preperation and link the training with our Ultimate Prospect Program classroom sessions. 


Please email us at to get your team scheduled for this summer. 

  • FOR GIRLS, BY GIRLS. 1MINDSET TRAINING will be conducted by female coaches at all times. We take the responsbility of being positve role models for young female athletes seriously, and its important to us to give back and provide for the next generation.

  • We have played the game at the highest level as well as coached at the club, ODP, Division I, II and III levels.

  • We have studied under three of the top professional club academy coaches: PSV Einhoven, FC Barcelona, and Manchester United.

  • We are all about player development.

  • We have an extensive network of soccer coaches and professionals in the sport.

  • Offer the highest standard of training in the United States for girls.

  • Develop a player's mentality and mindset through proper training and in turn, raise the level of players in the area and enhance the level of play across the game.

  • Promote positive attitudes towards the sport and encourage work ethic as a means to reaching full potential as a player.

  • Develop players with positive attitudes who demonstrate a passion to be the best they can be in everything they do in life.

  • Enhance every participants’ self-esteem and passion to learn.

  • Foster the love of the game in young players by proactively connecting them with the U.S. National team, top clubs and world soccer players.

  • Develop superior technical players with great touch and creative flair.

  • Emphasize FUN. 1MINDSET believes if a player is having fun, and loves what she is doing, the player’s ability and desire to learn is greatly enhanced.


Player Development is educating the players not only on the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game for their level, but also educating them to develop an appreciation for the game. Every 1MINDSET Trainer, regardless of the level of team they are working with, will be concerned about player development. Decisions made about what is best for a young player have significant impact on that player as they grow older. Winning championships at 10 years old may not translate into championships at 20 years old. 1MINDSET provides its participants a tangible and inspirational connection to the best teaching practices available with leading professional trainers. The development of a soccer player is a long process, which requires proper guidance from quality, knowledgeable coaches. The main objective of 1MINDSET is helping a player develop personally, thereby helping them become the best athlete both physically and mentally. 1MINDSET has established a soccer curriculum focused on developing both technical and mental attributes in young players with emphasis on technical ball skill development, creativity, and 1 v 1 attacking play.

Players trained THE 1MINDSET WAY will develop the following attributes:




  • Superior skill and touch with the ball.

  • Dynamic, energized and disciplined approach to the game.

  • Confident and visible individual soccer personality.

  • Creative and competitive, yet poised in action.




  • Passionate, mentally tough, positive attitude, and a love of soccer.

  • Respectful and courteous to others, exhibits unconditional sportsmanship.

  • Love of learning and clear desire to improve.

  • Unafraid to make mistakes; mentality to make adjustments and keep working to improve.

  • Total enjoyment from soccer. When players are motivated practicing their sport, they will learn more from it, therefore becoming a better soccer player.

  • 1MINDSET’s goal is to ensure that all 1MINDSET Trainers create an environment where young players get as much pleasure from soccer as possible.


  • Repetition is an important aspect in the process of teaching soccer.

  • Practice, practice and practice again. PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT.

  • In training this means:

              Many repetitions

              Not having to wait

              Quality planning and organization

1MINDSET Training will include:

  • Activities that players want to participate in because they are enjoyable.

  • Activities designed to maximize the number of touches by each player at practice.

  • Training sessions designed to improve player’s technical abilities and their tactical application.



  • Players will be placed in an environment that breeds competitiveness and challenges them. In turn, it will allow them to continually raise their level of play.



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