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Our belief at 1MINDSET is that the game is 80% above the neck.  When you combine natural talent, hard work and determination you are not getting a complete player. We aim to develop the mental side of a player alongside teaching them how to train, develop and progress through a skill and learn the tactical side of the game.  We believe a players confidence is key and all players go through ups and downs. How you learn to cope and handle the adversity you will face is key and those that can learn how to overcome will see faster progress as players and people. 


Player Development is educating you as the player not only on your technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game, but also educating you on developing an appreciation for the game. Winning championships at ten years old may not translate into championships at twenty years old. There are three main ingredients that must be present in order to develop you as an effective player:

  • Make the game yours - It’s not about how your family wants it for you or a coach pushing you to reach your potential, but you wanting it for yourself. If it is yours and for you, then you are more likely to go after it each day and put the necessary work towards achieving your goals.1MINDSET’s goal is to ensure that all 1MINDSET players develop in an environment where you gain confidence, knowledge, mentality and mindset. You will be challenged at all times in a very competitive learning environment, but will feel safe to take risks with the understanding that it is all in your best interest. 1MINDSET will teach you how to take risks as a means to learn and grow as a player.

  • Quality repetitions – It is the time you put in when no one else is watching that helps a player master their skills. Practice makes Permanent.

  • Competition –To be the best, you must train and be pushed by the best. Competitive challenges are what drives a player and 1MINDSET will put you in those situations.


1MINDSET will help you develop a “1MINDSET TRAINING MENTALITY"

  • Attitude is your choice, not your circumstance.


  • An understanding that every obstacle presents an opportunity- if you’re looking for it.

  •  Being solution orientated- If you’re too busy looking at the problem, the opportunity will pass you by.

  •  Attitude is the way you respond to the situation, not the situation itself

  • You have control over the way you choose, and the way you respond

  • NO EXCUSES!!! Don't blame circumstances for your situation.

    • You have a choice in everything you do- choose a better way.

    • Don’t blame the path- choose a better path.

    • Don’t blame the situation- change the situation.

    • Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

  • Persistence-Do you have what it takes to hang in there? Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

  • Give your very best at all times.

  • Positive attitude is ATTRACTIVE and CONTAGIOUS- it is the foundation for EVERYTHING!!!

  • Nothing is personal, just competition at its best.

  • Come to training with FOCUS, HEART and EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT!!!!

  • Have fun, love the game, and enjoy playing it! Because you never know when it may be taken away from you. 

  • Take PRIDE in what you do.

  • Attention to our work ethic- Industriousness! – Persevering; Having determination to perform a task; Great and constant diligence.


Always understand the standard and then put the plan together to achieve and reach it.



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