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Two young ambitious athletes grew up on opposite sides of the state of Pennsylvania, never knowing each other until their paths crossed as teammates in the Rutgers University women’s soccer program. Although they took different paths in their recruiting process, they ended up in the same place and discovered they had similar values and a shared mindset. Through conversations - on the bus during road trips, over dinner at team meals, or while hanging out in their house they shared with eight other teammates - they developed a pride and passion for the game of soccer, the determination and perseverance to give their all to the sport, and the heart and fortitude to get them through even the toughest of times, both on and off the field. Though they didn’t know it at the time, those shared core values - their 1MINDSET - would be the basis of a future business.



They were both fortunate to come from stellar youth careers that were heavily influenced by their environment, family, coaches, mentors and teammates. From club teams to Olympic Development to Playing Semi-Pro, they grew as players and as people. Who they are and how they were built are a credit to their demanding, inspiring, and hard -working families and coaches, and was the foundation of the 1MINDSET mentality. They could rattle off the championships they won, the number of players they coached that are playing in big-time college programs right now, or the U.S. Women’s National Team players they train, but that’s not who they are; that’s not 1MINDSET. The process for them has always been pure. It has always been about leading and staying true –AUTHENTIC - to those fundamental values that flowed downstream from their parents and later their coaches. 


1MINDSET’s philosophies continued to take shape through experiences as Division I student-athletes. Through wins, losses, coaching changes and injuries, 1MINDSET has thrived and become leaders. 1MINDSET’s pride, passion and determination for the sport and for success has never wavered.Then came the “real world” and careers in coaching and business. New positive influences came from players, peers, co-workers and bosses. Although careers veer in different directions, life journeys continue with the same drive and focus - the same 1MINDSET.


What 1MINDSET has learned along the way: We are all a product of our environment. Each coach we play for, each teammate we take the field with, each player 1MINDSET coaches, has brought us to this point in time. Through all of our experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly - 1MINDSET knows it’s in the lessons learned, it’s about life, about sport, about dealing with fortitude. It all forms 1MINDSET.

1MINDSET’s Vision...Twelve years of collaboration - in life, in work, on the field and off - have led here. 1MINDSET has experience and perspective as Head and Assistant Coaches at the Division I, II and III levels. 1MINDSET has sat in the shoes of players hoping to impress college coaches through their play and then sat on the sidelines scouting players to bring to their universities to build programs. They have coached in great clubs and have guided numerous players to great college programs around the country. 1MINDSET has a sincere passion and drive to develop young athletes. 1MINDSET is tired of seeing players go to the wrong programs, tired of talented players being overlooked by the right programs, and tired of players not being developed to their fullest potential and the effects it has on the player and on the game. 1MINDSET has seen too many young females lack the confidence to believe they can compete at the highest level. 1MINDSET was created to make an impact on all those things.




1MINDSET offers young athletes multifaceted services to provide the necessary tools to develop as players and people. 1MINDSET is about helping players throughout their athletic journey and beyond. 1MINDSET helps you achieve your dreams by setting goals, finding progress and learning to deal with adversity. We are about building your next 10%. 


1MINDSET devises a plan, and then works that plan with you to reach a defined objective.Leaders and visionaries for athletes as they sculpt and build their dreams through sport. Contributors to their overall athletic development, mind, body and soul by creating environments where athletes have opportunity to reach their potential. 1MINDSET will be contributors to your life journey, shapers of your mentality and be there in times of fortitude. 1MINDSET will help channel and shape your passion as you look to develop your goals, both personally and athletically. Through assessment and programming, a personal plan will evolve. This plan will turn into practice until the objective is met for you. 1MINDSET will be your coach, your guidance counselor, your mentor, your cheerleader. 1MINDSET is about doing it the right way; honest and real athletic development, accomplished by upholding the highest standards while building on and maintaining our principles and integrity - our 1MINDSET1MINDSET was founded in January of 2012 by Alyssa Radu and Tiffany Williams and is currently owned and operated by Alyssa Radu.

"Good players create opportunities.
Great players and great people seize them."
- Mia Hamm


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