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Wanting what is best for your child is perfectly acceptable. Helping them find themselves is part of parenting. Giving them the opportunity to participate in sports is a gift. You play many roles in your child’s athletic decisions and careers. You may just be the one that passes the genes along, or the one that washes the uniforms on time, or the one that rides in the car after a tough loss. Everyone’s roles are different and many athletes at many levels and in different sports know their parents played a significant role in their experiences and successes.


At 1MINDSET, we train our players to understand it’s all about choices and as parents it's no different. You get to make the choice of what type of role you want to play in their athletic career. It can be the parent that drives their child out of the sport because they put too much pressure on them, the parent that gives unconditional support while their child finds themselves through sports, or the one that is there on the good days and the bad days, through the wins, the losses and the injuries.


You get to make that choice, but know that here at 1MINDSET, we are about developing athletes that make sports their own. The 1MINDSET athlete understands that they need to do everything because it is what they want. They are not doing it for someone else. They are doing it for themselves.


"1MINDSET helped put together a personal plan for my child. They broke everything down and simplified a complicated process for both myself and my daughter. They helped build confidence in my daugther and it prepared her to be able to handle herself in front of college coaches on visits." -Parent of a 1MINDSET client


"If we had not used this program and 1MINDSET's services we would have been lost and never been prepared to handle this stressful college recruiting process. My dauther loved the 1 on 1 sessions with 1MINDSET. It was great to see how my daugther communicated and matured throughout this process. They helped keep a line of communication between us as parents and our daugther."  -Parent of a 1MINDSET client


"We felt like we had the inside scoop on the process and knew what to expect and then were prepared to handle so many different situations when it came to this difficult recruiting process."  -Father of a 1MINDSET client


Check back here from time to time and allow us to help and guide you from an athlete’s perspective on how to best fill that role as an athlete’s parent. We will be providing information regarding the college process and ways to help your child through their athletic careers.


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