April 12, 2012

A brief “food for thought” blurb…


"How is my child ever going to sort through all of this, process it and make the RIGHT decision when I have no idea, myself, what to expect or what to be doing?


–Margaret, Parent of Top ECNL Recruit


Too often at 1MINDSET this is what w...

April 4, 2012

As we continue to mingle with those involved in youth soccer in the eastern PA area, one common theme continually comes to the forefront—Everyone talks about the importance of overall PLAYER development, but majority do not understand what that entails or worse, shake...

February 24, 2012

There are voids that need filled. And 1MINDSET is here to do that.


There is a great need for young female soccer players to have female soccer coaches and role models. Why? Let’s face it the female psyche is much different than that of our male counterpart. Who relates...

February 23, 2012

Hopefully you have already read Part I of this segment so now we can move onto Part II,


College Recruitment Consulting, which is arguably the most important and unprecedented portion of the business.


The first question 1MINDSET gets from our former colleagues in colleg...

February 16, 2012

You have been dreaming and hoping this business idea you have been conjuring up for the past 6 months, year or even 10 years will offer something unique, unprecedented or even innovative to your specific market. You start putting together a vague business plan, begin n...

February 2, 2012

In most fields, there’s an awful lot of work put into the last ten percent of quality. Getting your golf score from 77 to 70 is far more difficult than getting it from 120 to 113 or even from 84 to 77. Answering the phone on the first ring costs twice as much as lettin...

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