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Why you need a college recruitment consultant…and not just any consultant

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

A brief “food for thought” blurb…

"How is my child ever going to sort through all of this, process it and make the RIGHT decision when I have no idea, myself, what to expect or what to be doing?

–Margaret, Parent of Top ECNL Recruit

Too often at 1MINDSET this is what we hear from family members of prospective student-athletes. The recruiting process has only just begun and the stress level has reached its max. As a family member, you have invested tens of thousands of dollars in your child’s athletic career, on the field, but why have you not invested in their athletic career off the field? In this day and age, you can’t afford not to! If you want the stress-free arena and the comfort of knowing your child has chosen the best college or university for them, then you better hire a recruitment consultant and not just any consultant, one who has been on both sides of the fence–the recruited student-athlete and the college coach.Please contact us at if you feel we can assist you and your child in this process.

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