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Realizing the Unthinkable…Just how big is that business idea?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

You have been dreaming and hoping this business idea you have been conjuring up for the past 6 months, year or even 10 years will offer something unique, unprecedented or even innovative to your specific market. You start putting together a vague business plan, begin networking with those that are influential in your market and continue to plug-away creating this business. Never once do you stop to realize how big this idea may actually be. No, you continue believing you are in phase I of business development and you have yet to even prove that your product or service has an unbelievable competitive advantage over others. You have taken on this enormous risk, both financially and psychologically, and those around you have doubted and questioned just how successful this venture could possibly be. Now’s the time, the “blindfold” is on and you have one focus…launch this business.

What’s wrong with this? Everyone wants their business up and running as quickly as possible, right?

Our answer: Preparation and realization that the business has the potential to be HUGE are keys to success. And that statement may seem egotistical and that we are way ahead of ourselves but placing that “blindfold” on and forging on to the actual launch leaves a business unprepared and vulnerable. Understanding all the possible business ventures your company could potentially be involved in as well as preparing for them eliminates the “wow, I’m in over my head here. I didn’t EXPECT this to happen and happen so fast.” thought. If this happens, chances are you will not put your best foot forward, or worse, fail altogether, wasting that opportunity that could have catapulted you into more and more ventures. If you have taken the risk to start a business, you should take the time to prepare for the “unthinkable” ventures you may find yourself in, as that reward you are searching for may be even larger than you ever imagined.

Yes, here at 1MINDSET we indeed do recognize how big our business venture can and will be. PREPARATION is key!


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