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1:1 Session

1:1 Session


Training with the focus on helping you reach your next 10%. We gear these sessions to a particular player' needs. Focus on making sure a player is proficient in their appropriate age of development. Good for when players are coming back from injury or in need of 1 specific skill they want help developing.  Subject to scheduling availability. All sessions are specific to your needs and goals through consultation.


Once your make purchase you will be contacted to set up the session if you do not schedule through site. If you do not hear from us please email​



TRAINING FOCUS: Improving the game of soccer and specifically on the female side motivates 1MINDSET. Our aim is to develop the female player in the following areas: mentality, creativity, awareness, finishing/ball striking and injury prevention. All training emphasizes speed of play and thought for the appropriate development age of the player. You will be pushed out of you comfort zone to further your development and prepare for your season. 

 Prepare yourself for the upcoming season, let us help you build your next 10%

  • Weather Cancellations

    If orginal session is cancelled due to weather it will be rescheduled. 

  • Session Length

    Session runs about 1 hour.

  • Location

    Location is agreed upon between both parties. We have a set of select field locations we use regularly. 

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