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1MINDSET is looking for players to join a select year-long TRAINING program 


WHAT: A program for a select group of deserving players who want to put the time and attention in to raise their game to another level. Players that are invested in growing the sport for the next generation. Players willing to give not just take.  An opportunity to lead, train, and to be resourced and mentored at an elite level. 

WHO: 8 Female Players selected, ages 10-18

WHEN: Beginning May 2023. 

WHERE: Downingtown Area Once players are selected, exact location will be annouced. 

COST: None

HOW TO GET IN: By application only. 8 players will be selected by a committee designated by 1MINDSET.



1MINDSET is looking for 10 players to be part of a year-long program beginning summer 2023. The program will include field trips to NWSL games, as well as sessions with a nutritionist, strength and conditioning coaches, and a physical therapist for injury prevention. Players will also participate in community service projects. This is an all-emcompassing program for elite players who are the most deserving.  1MINDSET is offering this program at no cost to the players, each of which will receive roughly 24 hours of training this summer and nine hours of training throughout the remaining nine months of the year. In addition, we will stay in touch through online classroom sessions once a month. Each applicant should apply through this site and form will be available shortly. 


Alyssa Radu, Owner of 1MINDSET...."As a player I was told 'You think too much.' Looking back it was critical in my development as a player but more importantly for my future career as a coach. I was always asking coaches questions, wanting to understand more and undersatnding the why behind it.  As my career progressed, I grew a greater understanding of the game and the mental side of my development. I then got into coaching and I learned, read, watched, and studied everything I could. Through practice, I developed a way to not only teach players how to develop the tactical and technical side of their game, but also how to develop the mental side. What sets 1MINDSET apart fom other training programs or companies is our focus on the female athlete and our coachig of the mind. While physical skill is important, other factors determine a champion - chief among them are mental conditioning, toughness, focus, and the ability to recover swiftly from a setback."

Success is measured by that "aha" moment...six months, one year, or two years down the line, you will look back and think, "I was prepared by 1MINDSET and I am better for it." 




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