The iCollaborate platform was built for student and school tutors and 1MINDSET uses it to connect with its players to go through UP2 sessions, show film to players as feedback or as a teaching visual, connect when the weather doesn't allow us to get on the field, and share other important aspects of our mental and physical development as players.  



Individual Prospects - We offer a number of packages geared towards personal one-on-one attention.


Teams - We offer presentations for a team that includes time with the players as well as a session with the parents.


Clubs - We offer presentations for an entire club looking to offer a value added service to its members.


Please contact us at teammindset@1mindset.com to set up a free consultation.


1MINDSET helps you create your VISION, fight for your VISION, take hold of your VISION, and motivate, develop and teach the necessary tools to reach your VISION. All by developing your 1MINDSET.


1MINDSET will customize and facilitate a personal recruiting program in any sport that will give players and parents the insights and strategies for developing a proper athletic mindset towards reaching your athletic goals as you look to take your game to the next level. Time and time again we talk as former prospects and student-athletes about “if only we knew then what we know now.” Our own experiences and endeavors as former Division I student-athletes and college coaches provides us with the ability to cater specifically to the high school prospect. We see a need for providing proper guidance to prospects as they journey through their college recruiting process. We are not here to do the work for them, that’s not the 1MINDSET WAY. Our focus is on helping educate the prospect, mentor them and arm them with the knowledge to make one of the toughest decisions of their young lives. We believe in the power of knowledge and development. We are here to help guide and shape you as an overall top-notch prospect. Through reinforcement and mentoring - from those who have previously been in your shoes, we are here to devise and work a plan for you to reach your dreams and goals.




Guide, mentor and develop high school age athletes aspiring to play college athletics, and their families, through the college recruiting process.




  • 1MINDSET is a full-service Recruitment Consulting company.

  • The founders and employees of 1MINDSET played and coached at the Division I, II and III levels.

  • 1MINDSET has access to current student-athletes competing at the college level and former student-athletes all looking to mentor the next generation.

  • 1MINDSET has a full network of college coaches at all levels around the country.

  • When college coaches speak publicly about the college process, they have their own program’s best interest as a priority and are only able to speak of the guidelines of the NCAA. 1MINDSET experienced speakers can speak candidly about the process from all angles. 1MINDSET can provide an inside perspective because they combine their experience as the recruited and the recruiter. Bottom line, 1MINDSET has the athlete’s best interest as their top priority.