Founder of 1MINDSET, Alyssa Radu proudly co-founded and helps run and operate the Jillian Loyden Foundation along side Jillian Loyden and Yael Averbuch of the U.S Women's National team. 


The mission of the foundation is to provide aide and resourses for children that have faced unfavorable circumstances. A passion and motivation stems from the loss Jill's family experienced in February of 2012 when her sister was taken by the hands of domestic violence. She left behind a 2-year-old son at the time. The foundation focuses on creating positive behavioral change in the programs it runs and supports for children. Domestic violence is a serious issue that effects so many children and we aim to provide and educate people by creating positive environments and role models. Please visit www.jillianloydenfoundation.org to find out ways for you to get involved and help us change the world.  


If you are a player, coach, or director, we have a national campaign right now. If you want to do community service, be a leader and help us make sure everyone knows they matte, then be a part of our EVERY VOICE COUNTS campaign.