1MINDSET is always getting asked when should I start considering speed and agility for my daughter. At what age is it time to start lifting or strength training.  Soccer is a sport about movements and body position and speed.  Players today are bigger and stronger then ever before. Players are being shifted between surfaces a great deal and especially in the northeast, gym floors, turf, grass etc.  All these things effect a players development. Your daughters want to be on the field playing the game they love. You want your time spent watching them not sitting in doctors offices. We could never illiminate injuries. It is part of the game. There are things you can do to be proactive that will help educate and provide feedback to help individual players understand their bodies.   Excercises that will help build core strength, improve balance and help athletes understand the things they need to focus on as they get older and grow with the game.  1MINDSET is proud to provide such a service.


Christy Vander Wyden, PT, DPT will be joining the 1MINDSET team. Our drive and passion is to aid athletes from all aspects of their development.  We are a multi service company and this service falls in line with our mission and core values.  Athletes deserve and want to be on the playing fields and we hope this service will aid in that objective. 1MINDSET’s Injury Prevention Screenings and classroom services will educate athletes and parents as to deficiencies in the physical parts of their games and provide them with a plan to improve and correct those weaknesses.  Through Functional Movement Screenings we will assess for individual movement dysfunction and injury risk.


In her words, “Too many athletes develop without the necessary emphasis on fundamental movement patterns and injury prevention. There is a significantly higher risk of injury in female athletes to incur back pain, ankle sprains, ACL tears (to name a few) due to developmental faults and “bad habits,” which are developed along the way. Without proper assessment and training your risk can increase significantly. It is important to understand that most injuries can be prevented with proper screening and individualized corrective exercises to maximize a body’s efficiency and form. I hope to provide this service to athletes to maximize the effectiveness of their current training and practices.”


In the end 1MINDSET’s goal is to make you not just better athletes, but healthier, stronger and more fit individuals.







  • Individual examination and functional movement screen performed by a physical therapist (estimated 20-30 minutes).

  • Results of examinations can then be entered into a national database and compared to peers based on age, sport(s), and competitive level.

  • Physical therapist will analyze and evaluate the results for injury risk and provide parents/athletes with feedback within minutes of the screening.

  • Athlete will be instructed on individual exercise program tailored to their specific dysfunction.

  • Follow-up screenings can be performed as needed (recommend every 6 months to ensure gains and new patterns are corrected at athlete progresses/develops)


Please email us at with any further questions and to schedule a screening or set up a site screening for your organization.