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The Keeper Institute™

Goalkeeper training will be run by U.S. Women's National Team and Sky Blue FC Goalkeeper Jillian Loyden through The Keeper Institute™. Her innovative and experienced training is something every goalkeeper should experience. There are not many opportunties to train with an Olympic Champion, be taught by a female goalkeeper coach and one that plays at the highest level of the game.


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Too often goalkeepers train and play in a way that relys solely on athleticism to make a save; atheleticism is an important part of goalkeeping, yet being a shot stopper does not always equate to great goalkeeping. Good technique paired with athleticism and a tactical awareness leads to exceptional goalkeeping. The Keeper Institute focuses on teaching the proper setting, catching, and diving techniques; once those basic foundational movements begin to sharpened, the range of a goalkeeper will simultaneously increase. Hence, goalkeepers will be catching more, giving up less and less second chances, becoming cleaner, making the saves they are supposed to, all while extending their range and ability to make the saves in the corners of the goal.



Loyden's take on the position....


"Goalkeeper is the most important position on the field, crucial to any team's success. It is a position that requires special attention and special coaching. The position has evolved from merely sticking the biggest or most athletic kid between the pipes. It is not only about being a great shot stopper and decision maker, but also one that has to be good on the ball, like an eleventh field player. It takes a specific kind of training to achieve great results in the goalkeeper position. I have been lucky enough to train with and alongside the best coaches and players in the world. I believe in passing along these experiences to the next generation, who want to pursue their dreams, and grow as people and soccer players. It's always great for kids to be able to have real life role models; to have interactions and relationships with people they can emulate. I have lived out my dreams and want to help anyone who has the ambition and drive to do so as well."


"I am very excited to be working alongside of 1MINDSET. I fully believe in their principles, their values, and their passion to help empower the next generation of soccer players. 1MINDSET has a completely different outlook on a player's development. They are concerned with growth and progress both as players and people. It's difficult to find people with such a passion to want to truly develop players from the ground up and even more difficult to find people who can see that vision come to life; which is exactly why I am so excited to work with such special people. I firmly believe that this is the start of something great, something unprecedented, and something that is going to transform player's careers and lives." 


Jill Loyden and Nicole Barnhart