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Client Testimonials

Parent and Coach of a 1MINDSET player

What 1MINDSET are doing for our kids and youth is phenomenal, yes they are sharing a passion however they are doing so much more. They are a positive influence, a role model, an advocate, a teacher, and a hero!! Thank you

Parent of a 1MINDSET UP2

1MINDSET helped put together a personal plan for my child. They broke everything down and simplified a complicated process for both myself and my daughter. They helped build confidence in my daugther and it prepared her to be able to handle herself in front of college coaches on visits.

M. Messner - Mother of 1MINDSET UP2

If we had not used this program and 1MINDSET's services we would have been lost and never been prepared to handle this stressful college recruiting process. My dauther loved the 1 on 1 sessions with 1MINDSET. It was great to see how my daugther communicated and matured throughout this process. They helped keep a line of communication between us as parents and our daugther.

M. Messner - Mother of 1MINDSET UP2

We felt like we had the inside scoop on the process and knew what to expect and then were prepared to handle so many different situations when it came to this difficult recruiting process.

Shelby Money - Athlete in The Keeper Institute
I started training with Jillian Loyden in September. She has worked with me on things such as foot skills, set position, and diving. Each week we work on a little of everything so that we get repeated exposure and can see our improvements. Jill helps us with both our strengths and weaknesses. Since I’ve been training with her, I have improved greatly not just with skills but confidence in the net also. Jill gives me advice on everything from goalie training to contacting colleges. I enjoy every session because she makes learning fun but works me hard as well. She pushes me to be the best I can be and gives me the encouragement and skill I need to take on challenges. Working with Jill Loyden has changed my game.
Kerry McElhiney- Parent of 1MINDSET player

Tiffany and Alyssa have been such positive female role models for my daughter.  Throughout her training she has received the individualized attention that has strengthened her skills and her game while building her confidence.  1Mindset has developed her not only as a soccer player, but as a person.  My daughter's goal is to play to the best of her ability and she works hard so that it takes her to the next level.  With this type of focused training, I feel that we have provided her with the positive instruction that can help her achieve her goals while boosting her self-confidence.  When I asked my daughter what she liked about attending 1Mindset she summarized it best, "They are very supportive and they teach you the skills that are useful to you in a game."

She truly looks forward to training every week.  Thank you for all that you do!

Tim R.-Parent of a 1MINDSET player

Thanks for the awesome coaching/instruction that you are providing to the Ukrainian Blasters.  Emma is absolutely loving having you lead the training.  She comes home from practice excited to talk about what she's learned and the skills that she has worked on.  Watching the practice and observing how intense the practice is from start to finish while focusing on specific skills/concepts, it's clearly evident that you put in a lot of planning/prep work ahead of time.  Ending the practice with the positive praise really inspires Emma (and I'm sure all of the girls) to continue work hard.

Parent of a 1MINDSET athlete
1MINDSET has developed my daughter not only as a player but as a person. I’ve seen her grow into one of the top players on her team under their training and believe she could not have achieved the level she is playing at without their help. 


Parent of a 1MINDSET Athlete